Physical Therapy Billing Codes -To Automate Or Not?

There are 83 pages of physical therapy billing codes and they range from treatments to the disposition of payments in their classification. The physical therapy billing codes cover Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy Billing as it is published by the NHIC. There are a number of programs to handle the necessary processes and for good reason. A good piece of software will keep the codes accurate. Keeping the physical therapy billing codes accurate will ensure proper disbursement of payments. Simple human error can halt the payment of benefits from an insurance company which can hurt both the physical therapy patients and the physical therapy practice.

 Physical therapy billing codes have to be filled out correctly with no errors. Thankfully the most common errors that occur with physical therapy billing codes can be avoided with the right software. Any software chosen should be approved by the American Medical Association for accuracy. The physical therapy billing codes update every year with new addenda and changes and software should be able to update with it. This requires a software program to be all inclusive as it relates to physical therapy. With the high number of different codes to parse through, it only makes sense to have a software program to do it.

In addition to having software to take care of the physical therapy billing codes, a practice will need to have an expert in data entry. The data entry specialist should have an intense attention to detail and without fail be able to handle the rigors of typing long hours tedious number codes over and over. Handling physical therapy billing codes is not the most interesting work, but it is a necessity of a practice only out weighed by the serving of the patients. A staff member dedicated to the proper entering of the numbers is a necessary part of the practice.

Entering the codes manually is not the wrong way to do things either. Your data entry specialist might be a wiz with memorization and locating which code goes where. It is a time consuming process but some staff members are so dedicated to their data entry craft that physical therapy billing codes becomes their life. If a practice chooses to employ a person to enter the codes, the human element is present which can leave room for errors (which there should be none) but also tech support on a human is much easier than it would be on a computer program.


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