Physical Therapy Billing Codes Requirements

The Significance of Physical Therapy Billing Codes

Any software or printed price lists that indicate the equivalent compensation or fee in the practice of physical therapy requires physical therapy billing codes. These codes are essential for both physical therapists and customers for the ease of identification on their billing. Just like others, codes should be distinct to one another, so that once a code is given or typed; an exact billing fee or reimbursement rate will be equated. Physical therapy billing codes are easily accepted both by physical therapy practitioners and their clients for its convenience and easy to decipher meanings. Usually, physical therapy billing codes involves an exact definition which comes in long explanation. For instance, the message “therapeutic exercise that requires the continuous attention of the physical therapist for 60 minutes” is coded as A123. Instead of saying the long message, the code A123 is enough to convey it.

A slight change in the modality or procedure as well as the duration required for the physical therapist will definitely change the physical therapy billing code. As stated earlier, a code should be equated with a unique and exact message. And these changes in the physical therapy billing codes signify a change in billing or fees.

Speaking of modality and procedures, these are physical therapy treatment terms that are usually used in using specific physical therapy billing codes. Modality is any physical therapy treatment that usually doesn’t require the full attention of the physical therapist. Modalities such as hot/cold packs, diathermy, ultrasound, infrared and ultraviolet, paraffin bath, unattended electrical stimulation, usually come in related physical therapy billing codes. For example, all modalities will start with a code “M”. On the one hand, the procedures are physical therapy treatments that require the full attention of the physical therapy for a specific time. This includes massage, iontophoresis, neuromuscular re-education, orthotics and prosthetics training, and many more. In our example, these procedures can start with a physical therapy billing codes of “P”.

There are lot more reasons why physical therapy billing coding is of great importance. It has been also recommended to other medical fields for an easier and faster way to deal in conveying and receiving message and of course, billing the client’s fee. Obviously, it makes the life of the therapists easier and making the transaction, as a whole, faster. The implementation of physical therapy billing codes is truly a great contribution in making our daily life handier.


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